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Tales of Graces F Demo
Demo Patch - Released Dec 2, 2010

An English patch of the officially released Tales of Graces F PS3 Demo. Currently requires a PS3 with firmware 3.41, a USB key or harddrive, and a jailbreak device with a payload that supports peek/poke installed (we do not support the PSJailbreak dongle).

Dec 9 Update: The patch has been updated to version 1.1. To update your demo simply download and install the r3volution package again.


  1. Download the r3volution patcher package, here.
  2. Download the Tales of Graces F Demo package, here.
    Skip this step if the demo is already installed on your PS3, or if you wish the PS3 to automatically download the demo for you.
  3. Place the packages on your USB stick or drive.
  4. Boot your PS3 with the exploit, and use the package installer in the Games menu to install r3volution.pkg
  5. Run r3volution from the Games menu and follow the onscreen instructions.
Tales of Graces F Demo Wallpapers
Demo Wallpapers - Released Dec 2, 2010

A set of two fullscreen 1080p wallpapers for use on your desktop.

Efinea Font by Tempus
Efinea Font - Released Dec 3, 2010

The Efinea font is a Mac and PC ready True Type font, based off the font used for the native langauge of Efinea. Efinea is the name of the planet on which Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces F takes place. The font extends the visible alphabet in the game with all missing alpha-numeric characters.



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Please take a look around, and join us on our IRC Chat to talk directly to the developers and the community.

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